Preparing For Your Upcoming Appointment

1. Let’s See ‘Em! Bring your shoes and inserts in with you! If you’re not sure if you are running or walking in the right shoe, bring them in so Dr. Arya can evaluate them. If you have a special pair of heels you plan to wear for a special occasion that includes hours of dancing, bring them in for an evaluation. Dr. Arya understands you love the shoes you own and encourages her patient’s to make modifications so they can stay in the shoes they love AND be comfortable, maintaining healthy feet. If you play sports like tennis, or cleat/spike sports, have special dance or choir shoes–please bring them in. Shoe size and type play a role in keeping you efficient in the activities you love.

2. WHO, WHAT, WHEN?! It really helps with diagnostics if you can piece together where you were, what activity you were doing, what you bumped your foot into, how you fell, and for how long your pain or issue has pursued. It’s important to know when you feel pain, whether the first steps in the morning or after a long day. If it’s quality is sharp, dull, burning, or pain–that’s helpful information too. Dr. Arya will always perform a complete physical exam, often needing x-rays and/or ultrasound, gait analysis, and order lab tests if needed. Any information you can provide will only help your rapid recovery back to activity!

Dr. Shylaja Arya Dr. Arya is the owner of Arya Foot & Ankle, a podiatry practice that serves the greater Phoenix area with same day, Saturday, and lunch time appointments. She is a yoga instructor, tennis player, and shoe lover.

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