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Diabetes of any type puts you in a high-risk group for foot problems and complications like foot ulcers, infections, nerve damage, and limb loss. But with diabetic foot care at Arya Foot & Ankle in Phoenix, Arizona, you can manage your risk and deter major health and mobility problems. Leading Phoenix foot doctor, Shylaja Arya, DPM, diligently monitors patient health on a regular basis, and she’s always here to help if you have problems like foot pain, ingrown toenails, or foot injuries. Call the office or use online booking to set up your diabetic foot care appointment today.

Diabetic Foot Care

Why does diabetes cause foot problems?

Diabetes causes foot problems for two main reasons: 

Nerve damage

Diabetes can cause nerve damage bodywide, but it’s often especially severe in the peripheral nerves in your feet. Up to 70% of diabetes sufferers have some degree of peripheral nerve damage. 

Diabetic nerve damage, or peripheral neuropathy, can cause a variety of foot symptoms, such as numbness, pins-and-needles sensations, burning, electrical pain, tingling, and itchiness. 

Neuropathic numbness prevents you from feeling extreme temperatures, cuts, punctures, and other foot damage, which predisposes you to foot ulcers.

Vascular compromise

Diabetes causes narrowing and hardening of the blood vessels supplying your feet, which is why many diabetes sufferers have decreased blood flow to their extremities. 

Lack of blood to your feet means it’s hard to heal wounds and fight infections. Ulcers — non-healing or slow-healing open wounds — are often a problem in diabetes sufferers. 

During your diabetic foot exams, Dr. Arya carefully checks your level of foot sensation and evaluates your blood flow to look for nerve and circulatory problems. 

How often do I need a routine diabetic foot care exam?

Following your diabetes diagnosis, schedule a foot exam at Arya Foot & Ankle as soon as possible. After that, you need diabetic foot care exams twice annually, or more often if recommended by Dr. Arya. 

Diabetic foot exams are only one component of diabetic foot care. They’re much like a wellness exam for your feet. If you develop foot ulcers or other complications, you’ll need additional customized treatment to get healthy again. 

When do I need immediate diabetic foot care?

If you have a new wound or a developing foot ulcer, get treatment fast. Over 80% of foot amputations start with a foot ulcer. This means that most amputations are avoidable. Call Arya Foot & Ankle if you have any type of persistent foot issues, including:

  • Laceration
  • Puncture
  • Red skin or other discoloration
  • Calluses
  • Foot swelling
  • Hot or cold feet 
  • Foot numbness
  • Foot pain
  • Change in foot appearance

Dr. Arya conducts a clinical exam to assess foot damage and then administers any treatment you need right away. This includes wound dressing, regenerative medicine, custom orthotics, and other measures to help you stay mobile without risking further problems. 

Dr. Arya can co-manage your care with other medical professionals, including neurologists, vascular specialists, and primary care physicians, to give you the comprehensive care you need to manage your diabetes successfully. 

Arya Foot & Ankle puts your diabetic foot care needs first, so don’t risk amputation by waiting too long for care. Book an appointment online or call the office today.

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