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Children’s feet have unique needs, so you need a pediatric care podiatrist who can meet those needs while keeping your child comfortable and safe. At Arya Foot & Ankle, experienced board-certified podiatrist Shylaja Arya, DPM, warmly welcomes and gently cares for children at every stage of growth. If your child has issues like flat feet, foot pain, intoeing, toe walking, or any other foot or ankle problems, call the Phoenix, Arizona, office or book an appointment online today.

Pediatric Care

Does my child need pediatric care for odd walking patterns? 

If you're worried about the way your child walks, a gait analysis at Arya Foot & Ankle is the next step. As your child grows and their body changes, their gait can change significantly. 

Sometimes, these changes lead to problems like inward-toe walking, outward-toe walking, and walking on tiptoe. 

During a gait analysis, Dr. Arya carefully evaluates the way your child moves. She can prescribe custom orthotics and special foot exercises to strengthen your child's foot and prevent their gait from worsening.

Many children's shoes don't offer enough support, so you can reduce injury risk simply by changing to proper footgear. Dr. Arya can do a shoe gear analysis to determine whether your child's using the right shoes. If your child participates in sports, bring their main pair of athletic shoes to the gait analysis. 

What types of foot problems require pediatric care?

If your child's foot hurts, changes in appearance, or doesn’t function normally, schedule a pediatric care appointment promptly. Some common children’s foot problems include: 

Ingrown toenails

Children are prone to ingrown toenails. Often, their feet grow so quickly that shoes get too tight and cause ingrown nails. Children who participate in sports commonly stub their toes while wearing footgear like cleats, another frequent cause of ingrown toenails. 

Many kids also cut their nails improperly or pick at their toenails, which encourages ingrown toenail formation. Dr. Arya can relieve pain immediately by removing the ingrown portion of nail. She also educates your child about ingrown toenail prevention.

Sever's disease

Sever's disease is a bone injury involving heel growth plates and the Achilles tendon. Though painful, it responds well to Dr. Arya’s innovative treatment plans. Sever's disease often improves dramatically with rest, special stretching exercises, and, in some cases, a walking boot.

Plantar warts

Children are susceptible to plantar warts on the bottom of their feet. Plantar warts come from viral exposure, which usually occurs after walking shoeless around public pools or showers. 

Dr. Arya uses virtually painless treatments for plantar warts. She also gives your child supplies to use at home to avoid recurrence. 

Arya Foot & Ankle offers all types of pediatric foot care, so don’t hesitate to ask for help with any issue. 

Can a podiatrist help with sports injury prevention in children?

Yes, and Dr. Arya specializes in sports medicine for all ages. She can help your child establish optimal foundational strength in their feet and ankles. 

This greatly reduces their injury risk. Dr. Arya can also help your child improve their balance and flexibility, allowing them to perform at their peak while staying safe. 

For expert foot doctor in Phoenix, call Arya Foot & Ankle or book an appointment online today.

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