How & Why To Check Your Feet Daily

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Today is Valentines Day, we are writing this blog to encourage showing our feet some love!

Our feet can warn us of underlying health conditions. From foot pain to more serious symptoms, such as cold feet/legs or numbness; our feet often show symptoms of disease before any other part of the body. 

Daily foot checks are especially important for Diabetics, but everyone can benefit from daily checks. If you cannot see your feet, we recommend you use a mirror. Here are 3 quick steps to check your feet daily.

Check between the toes.
Small tears in the skin between the toes due to excess moisture is one of the most common "unknown" reasons for leg cellulitis (infection) hospital admissions. No one thinks to check between their toes! Check in between the toes and make sure they are clean. If you see any drainage or cuts, please give us a call.

Check the soles, top of your feet, heels, and ankles.
Check all around your feet, including the bottoms to look for calluses, warts, cuts, bruises, sores, or raised masses. None of these things are normal and you should be aware of any changes happening.

Check your nails.
It’s important to check under and around your nails. If you have discolored nails, thickened nails, hang nails, ingrown nails, or any drainage/pain around your nails-you should have it evaluated. And remember toenails should always be cut short and straight across!

Our feet are SO important. We hope to promote vigilance about preventive foot health in our community. We are available at Arya Foot & Ankle if you have any questions 602-309-8788 or visit and click "book an appointment."
Dr. Shylaja Arya Dr. Arya is the owner of Arya Foot & Ankle, a podiatry practice that serves the greater Phoenix area with same day, Saturday, and lunch time appointments. She is a yoga instructor, tennis player, and shoe lover.

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